Still Alive!


Since it’s summertime now, there is some more free time to work on my website. Here’s a little update of what’s (been) going on.

Most of the heavy touring is done since the end of june this year. It has been really busy since september last year and when I look at my agenda now, I don’t really know how I did it… But one thing is certain: I had a lot of fun playing so much and I really hope I can repeat it soon! Big thanks to all the people I had the pleasure to work with the last few months.

For now there is a little time off, so I go on a short holiday soon and spend some doing things that I really like to do besides playing the drums: cycling. I like it a lot and it keeps me fit! I also like playing chess (yes, I know it may sound nerdy! But that is something that also needs to be worked on, it is hard!), and I jump on a surfboard every now and then.

Of course I’m gonna get myself into the practice room, because I want to work out some new ideas and start to work on my own music.

There are a few gigs coming up, you’ll find them in the agenda.

I’ve been playing on a couple of records too lately. One of them Maarten van Praag’s new record called “Young Hearts”. His first single “Young Hearts” is out now, and you can buy it on I-tunes. I will put it up on this website, so you can check it out. The album is gonna be out in september, and it’s really great music. Hope you like it.

I also heard that one of the things I did in the recent past is been up on the belgium radio a lot. Her name is Maureen and I play on 3 of her songs. she seems to be doing great out there. I will put it up on the “discography” page soon.

Then last but not least I have been doing 3 days of recording with my friend Jesse Bonell this week. We arranged and recorded all the rhythm track of 9 songs, it was a blast! We recorded in “De Droomtent” studios in IJmuiden and we had a lot of fun working there. The album should be out in the fall.

So, i hope you get an idea of how things are going out here,

If you see me at a gig or hang around somewhere: come and say hi!

Stay loose!


Welcome to my new website

I’ve been up to A LOT! So that’s why, as of today I’m proud to launch this new website!!!!

So what is up, well i went to Turkey in September with commercial dutch band Sesam. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun doing this thing. I was flying in between a bunch of theater shows. It got really crazy and I probably ending up a little too tired… Luckily I recovered well l and got to christmas well as a sort of finish line… Dec. 24 I did a great show playing all Top 2000 songs with two bands and a lot of singers. A great year ending!

Then the beginning of january started to rehearse for the next Musical Theatre Show called “Heerlijk Duurt Het Langst”, and playing with that show starting jan 17th. I subbed in the band of dutch singer Danny de Munk halfway through jan. and  as well in March and I subbed for the drum classes at the Music Academy in Haarlem too. A lot of fun to teach those talented guys out there! Also I got my first ever award with my commercial band D-sign at the A9 studio’s. I realise i’m lucky and I will be working really hard to keep it up!

 I’m doing some gigs with my own commercial band called “D-Sign” as well by the way! So as you can imagine it’s a lot to do but it’s so much fun! It’s great playing and teaching so much! Hope to see you guys at a venue soon and say hi! Thanks!